Podcast 11.14.13 - Gaga vs. Katy vs. Miley; Gravity

Katy Perry? Lady Gaga? Miley Cyrus? Who can choose?! In this week’s episode, the guys breakdown the latest albums from each artist and tell you once and for all who reigns supreme.

At the 34 minute mark, they discuss Gravity and the oscar chances for one of the biggest movies of the year.

Podcast 9.12.13 - Breaking Bad, Blue Jasmine, The Weeknd, and Miley (47:18)

Shirtless Symposium 8.29.13 - VMA’s, Ben Affleck, Eminem

In this EMERGENCY edition of Shirtless Symposium, the guys talk about the VMAs and rate every performance (yes, even Miley). They talk about Ben Affleck as the new Batman and what that means for the franchise and Warner Bros, and round out the evening with the latest on Eminem (He has a new album coming in November!)

Podcast 8.6.13 - Wolverine, Bachelorette, and more

Podcast 4.18.13 - Mad Men, Ray J, Drake

Podcast 4.7.13 - EDM/rap

Podcast 4.2.13: My Chemical Romance, Lil Wayne. Bieber, and more!

In this week’s episode the guys talk about the break up of My Chemical Romance and take a look back on the band’s body of work. They also discuss the latest album from rapper Lil’ Wayne (I Am Not a Human Being 2), the downward spiral of Justin Bieber, and offer a few thoughts on the tragic death of Shain Gandee.

Podcast 3-26-13: HBO’s Girls

This week, the guys and special guest Bailey Edwards discuss HBO’s Girls. From Hannah’s OCD to Ray’s cardboard cutouts; from Lena Dunham to Judd Apatow, we talk about the best and worst from the controversial second season. If your hearts are open, you should really love this episode (and you’ll only get that reference if you listen to the podcast, so queue it up!)



Podcast- James Franco 3-17-13 

This week the guys review Spring Breakers, Oz: The Great and Powerful, and offer some strong opinions on James Franco.



Podcast 3-10-13

This week the guys discuss Superman, Orson Scott Card, and the fine line between art and artist. Special guest Jeff Grassetti joins us!